Ad Tracking packages

As an alternative to stand alone ad trackers there are tracking programs which come included in a package of tools

Here is a selection of recommended products.

1: Site Build It

Site Build It is a unique and complete all-in-one system of tools that make it easy for anyone to create and build a Web site

Features include

  • brainstorming and research tools to establish themes and keywords
  • point-and-click sitebuilding tools to create a site with your own custom look and feel
  • search engine optimization
  • automatic search engine submission, plus spider-tracking and ranking reports
  • easy-to-understand traffic stats and click-through analysis
  • pay-per-click tools
  • domain name registration and hosting
  • ad campaign manager
  • e-zine subscription and delivery
  • e-goods

Click here for Site Build It

2: (More to come)