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Harvey, reading your book is a real eye-opener. It cuts through all the hype and presents the facts in crystal clear manner.

I know an ad-tracker is important to any online business, but I never realised how useful it can be - your book revealed all the secrets of ad-trackers and show how ALL online business can profit from it !

I particularly liked the tips on how to stop piracy and boost ezine profits via ad-trackers !

Adrian Ling


What a great resource! I have been resistant to setting up an ad tracking program because I just didn't know where to start. Now, I have a clear and SPECIFIC plan after spending time with your "Ad Tracking Guide." Your book has laid it all out for me and now I am ready to GO! Thanks so much,

Honor Hart


I have to admit that ad tracking is something I've never taken much notice of, but after reading your book, I can see the error of my ways. If you are serious about marketing online, adtracking is a necessity, and, in my opinion, if you are serious about ad tracking, your book should be compulsory.

Martin Avis

Harvey, your 'SuperTips' Ad Tracking Guide' is a GREAT resource and a terrific inspiration for me to finally protect and track my links to affiliate programs! Your e-book covers the topic thoroughly!... I'll be re-visiting your information, and urging others to get a copy!

Neal R. Voron


I've just finished reading your ebook. It really brings a new light on ad tracking to everyone who has a business online and wants to successfully run it. I haven't used that much ad tracker until recently but now, I'm seriously considering using all the strategies in your ebook.

Ovi Dogar


Ad tracking is a compulsory weapon in the armor of any Internet marketer. The 'Ad-tracking Supertips' ebook explains it all in simple to understand language. At $0, I can't see why anyone running an Internet business should not have a copy. Highly recommended!

Arun Agrawal


It's a really nice job, very cleanly organized and presented - bless your heart for providing plenty of white space around the text, a lesson 90% of writers need to learn! I think you got the content balance just right - not too much detail to get bogged down in. Focus mainly on why and how to use ad tracking, rather than the guts of individual trackers.

Mike Feury

Atlantic Bridge Publishing

Ad-Tracking is another great read, Harvey, and an excellent supplement to Ad-tracking.com . As with all your other e-books, it's a quick, easy read, and I learnt a lot (this time about ad-tracking).

In fact, I like your free ebooks so much, I use them (and them alone) as an incentive to get new subscribers. Look forward to the next ebook instalment.

Steve Nash


I just thought I'd take this opportunity to applaud you for your book. I sell ebooks and collect freebies to give to clients for another product. Some are merely subtle ads for the author, some should be titled "Click Here, Every Affiliate Link I Have Is Here".

Occasionally there is a gem; yours is one of those. It is a surprisingly thorough look at the world of Trackers. Well done.

Van C. Johnson


Half the money you spend on advertising is WASTED!
The problem is, most people don't know which half that is!

With Ad-tracking you can know exactly which ads work and which ones don't. But Harvey Segal's Ad Tracking ebook takes it even further. He shows you multiple ways to use ad trackers to operate your business by remote control... and profit handsomely in the process.

Learn about ad tracking from someone who covers all the angles and more. Great book - get it, learn it, use it!

Jim Edwards
Author, eBook Secrets Exposed


You're the example to follow.

Too many people make free ebooks only for their own advantage (traffic, affiliate links...), without thinking about the value for the reader.

You, instead, make a good ebook, useful for the reader, with great info in it - and then, even if you could very well sell it as it is, you make it available for free :)

This is without doubt another resource from you that I want to share with my visitors and subscribers... thanks a million!

Saul Burton


Ad Tracking SuperTips is an eminently practical ad management resource that belongs in every Internet marketer's toolbox.

Scott Miller


I am new to ad tracking and have just reviewed your website. Thanks for the simple language used in your explanations.

Fanny Butler


I had never considered using Ad Tracking before I read Harvey's eBook on this subject, but now I realize how valuable this tool can be to my business. After reading and evaluating Harvey's "free" eBooks, I am confident that any eBook Harvey recommends (whether he has authored it or is recommending someone else's product) will be worth every penny and a very wise investment.

Thanks for all the great free stuff you offer your site visitors and subscribers, your awesome eBooks and your informative eZines.

Keep up the good work! Thank You!

Lauren Tennent


I wanted to let you know your book on ad tracking was right on target. I have just begun my internet odyssey and last Thursday my goal for the day was to understand how ad tracking works. I stumbled on to your book and it was exactly what I was looking for. The book is straightforward, quick and easy to read and explains the issues well. I liked it so much I bought your branded version to put on my web site.

Steve Currie


Finally, someone has pulled it all together...

I have just completed my first reading of your Ad Tracking Guide ebook and was very impressed with it's wealth of information and resources on ad tracking.

It's just the ticket for the beginning advertiser as well as the experienced one who thought they had seen it all.

I purchased the rebranding to the book because it is going to get a lot of downloads from my site and create a great deal of traffic.


Larry Johnson



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